Stop Podcasting Yourself 185 - Evany Rosen

Evany Rosen

Evany Rosen of Picnicface joins us to talk Harry Potter, San Francisco, and sashes.

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Dizzee Rascal

Harry Caray

Battle of the Blades

Criss Angel

Fisherman's Worf

Wiggly Street

The Citadel


Chili pepper Christmas lights

Amanda Knox

Chord Overstreet

Bud Cort

Jack Sprat

Elvis Stojko's weird groin

Something to Talk About

Star Whackers


Great Episode

Not gonna lie, was drawn to this episode because of my developing crush on Ms. Evany Rosen, and I was not disappointed, funny and beautiful, educated and bright, please have her back when she regains the ability to speak. Keep up the constant hilarity guys!

Wonderful Episode!

Hey Dave and Graham,

I love your podcasts, and i can't wait to hear them every week. I particularly enjoyed the episode you did with Evany Rosen. Please bring her back soon. Things were especially pleasant because Dave didn't have a divorced-couple vibe with her.


Your fan in India (and ex-New Yorker),