Stop Podcasting Yourself 191 - Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Comedian Ryan Hamilton joins us to talk about movies, waterskiing, and New York.

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Black Eyed Peas video game

Water skiing pyramid

Kal Penn and Obama

Mr. Wrong


Wallace Shawn

Stephen Wonder

Stop Podcasting Yourself Live this Friday!

 The Hyundai Pony

Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorff

The Yankee Candle Kid


That kid sure loves him some

That kid sure loves him some candles!

The chicken place in Atlanta

Was it Zaxby's?

I used to love that place. I think they have it in Alabama, too. Hooh!


candle kid, weird...

that yankee candle kid... stupid and weird,, but i just kept watching it.... then i watched ANOTHER one. I guess fascinated? bewildered? I dunno. Weird. He makes me wonder if theres something about candles i had previously missed out on....

Pepperidge Farms

I don't know if you get the interwebs up there in Olde Canadia, but check out this Whitest Kids U'Know video, where they reference Pepperidge Farms cookies. You can see the packaging, too. By the way, they're delicious, but they're really expensive (for cookies).

-Sean from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth

Cane Enabling

Overheard from this episode: Graham, you just said "cane enabling" and totally missed a great pun-portunity. Cane and Able'ing!? Insert fratricide joke here...

Heard it! Chose to ignore

Heard it! Chose to ignore it! I'm better than that.