Stop Podcasting Yourself 202 - Kaitlin Fontana

Kaitlin Fontana

Authoress and improviser Kaitlin Fontana returns to talk about New York, Polish singles, lasers, and absinthe. Also, Drunk Dials and Drunk E-mails!

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Fresh at Twenty

 Our Lady Peace

Them coffee cups

Piven in a parking lot

7-11 shirt AND 7-11 parking lot?

Murphy Brown's baby daddy

Hart's War

Real Steel

Too Funky




Kate and Leopold

Howie Dorough

No thanks!

Brisco County, Jr.


dave and graham, celebrity

dave and graham, celebrity birthdays is a great segment!
this is mostly because you pick goofy celebrities and make jokes about them. also because you interrupt the overheard lead-in. CLASSIC
i think some people feel like "hmm, i don't know how i feel about endorsing honoring celebrities for being alive", and so do not offer feedback about the segment. at least thats why i didn't, but i feel like you want it, so there you have it.
..and hulk hogan news...YES!!

you guys make me feel stupid

you guys make me feel stupid for giving celebrity birthday feedback ages ago :(

Re: you guys make me feel stupid

Impossible. They've yet to receive any feedback.

Perhaps you meant to send some thoughts but neglected to? Or perhaps you have an email sitting in your drafts folder that you thought you'd sent?