Stop Podcasting Yourself 204 - Erica Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson

Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk about keys, too much perfume, and Alanis Morissette.

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This flower is all like "Cacaaaaw!"



Rick Moranis

Skating to work


Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior

Brandy v. Monica

Burt in Cosmo

The Man

Flutin' it

Nicole Eggert

Blown Away with both Coreys!

Cookies by George

Oh, this is what that is


this week was HILARIOUS.

this week was HILARIOUS.


That flower is a bird of paradise. I remember when I first moved into my place 7 years ago we had a huge one in the front yard. In that first month that we lived there I ripped it up and my neighbor across the street was really upset with me.

Cheers and great show.

I knew the "Flute" picture from the ep; still laughed

I think because at first glance the "TE" is so convincing.

Five Below

Presumably the stores are called Twenty Below in Canada.

RE: Five Below

Very drôle. (Slow clap)