Stop Podcasting Yourself 206 - Kulap Vilaysack

Kulap Vilaysack

Kulap Vilaysack from the Who Charted? podcast joins us to talk light beer, proposals, buskers, and a close encounter of the Hulk Hogan kind.

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It's Gonna Be Me

Edible Arrangements


I Wish

Lululemon pants


Skinny Margaritas

Ewan McGregor's skinny jeans

What's My Age Again?

Your most beautiful leg

I'm Real

Leap Year

Spandy Andy

Kweekwong? Dugong.





Suze Orman

The Die Antwoord DJ



Kulap was such a great guest. So funny and so cute!

Kulap was a perfect guest!

Kulap was a perfect guest! Coming in with a 'Chart Exclusive' proposal story!

Guest request

One person I would like as a guest on your show is local Vancouver pick up artist Tony D the Pua (formerly known as "Zardoz"). I think you guys could use some pointers on topics such as "Vocal Tonality for Picking up Girls", "How To Get Girls by Being a Nerd", and "How To Makeout With Girls in Bars". Then Shumka and Clark, you could make a practical test of these techniques to see if you end up with "sexy results".


Well it's nice to know that I can get work at that glue factory.

I've really enjoyed the last

I've really enjoyed the last slew of guests (more than usual) that have been on the show, and judging by the videos posted this episode's going to be great too.