Stop Podcasting Yourself 220 - Brent Butt

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Brent Butt

Brent Butt returns to talk tropes, sneezing, pink shirts, and Bigfoot.

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Graham's special!


The Kid Stays in the Picture

That Bachelorette

Tower of Babel

Fantasyland hotel

Frank Miller

Boxin' with the Biebs

The old ear cup


Brooke Shields in her Calvins

Kissy Namath

Jeremy Hotz

Sipowicz and parrot (at 2:43)

Sasquatch found!


Brent Butt!!!!!!

I wasn't a Corner Gas fan, (I'll admint never gave it much of a chance, felt too much like forced CanCon) but I love Brent Butt because of his appearances. Every time Brent comes on, its always funtimes! Thanks for showing the boys some love Brent, please come back soon.
Also, if Brent is in LA sometime, he needs to visit Jordan and Jesse. Dave can you please make this happen?