Stop Podcasting Yourself 221 - Jy Harris

Jy Harris

A very adult episode as comedian Jy Harris joins us to talk about Jerry Springer, Jaws, and '80s rapping.

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Graham's special!

Quantum Leap

Big Yellow Taxi

BBW Karate

Jy on Jerry Springer



Bad hat, Harry

Lectric Shave

Red Forman



Today's Special

Hulk statue

Staci Keanan

Ready for Freddy



Dave is a total Hulk-a-maniac

Dave's Hulk impression was the best thing that happened to me all week.

Graham's Awesome Red Foreman House

Hey guys!

Can you post some photos of Graham's awesome new digs? The house sounded so cool, I would love to see what it looks like.

Love the podcast!

Have a good one!

Leah Rae

dave knows some strange things

If I knew nun-chucks were part of basketball, maybe I would've played.

Everybody, Shut up!

The BEST gag on the show this week was the wonderful phone call of Pat from Boston to plug his own favorite segment. I was rolling laughing and had to rewind it a few times just to hear it again. He even got the voice and cadence of the "the weather in Boston" perfectly.

I know there have been a few teases recently by guests with fake interruptions for their own favorite segments, and Jy was great to carry it through. The only thing better would have been for Jy to tell Pat from Boston to shut up, putting us 4 levels down into the Inception-dream state that is Celebrity Birthdays.

I hope that future guests who have previously listened to the show fully take advantage of this running gag.


I laughed so hard - all the way up 5 floors in the elevator - at the library!


Hell yeah Barbapapa

The subject says it all.