Stop Podcasting Yourself 228 - Steve Bays

Steve Bays

Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat and Fur Trade returns to talk about being backstage at a Nickelback concert, garbage, and a history of magic.

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Backstage at Nickelback

Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction

Gavin Rossdale


That Rockstar song

The rap from Rapture

Roch Voisine (from New Brunswick, not Quebec)

Triple H


Ron Sexsmith

Dean Cain and Kelly Packard (not Nicole Eggert)

The Masked Magisch

More backstage action

Sunglasses at Night

Bankable Productions

Kids These Days

Come see us in Toronto


Live standup

I'm trying to find a calendar of events or schedule to see when and where Graham or Dave or Both are performing but i can't seem to find anything on line. Can you provide a link?

cold trash can name idea

TUNDRA TRASH! bam. -Mona