Stop Podcasting Yourself 232 - Emmett Hall

Emmett Hall

Emmett Hall returns and tells us nothing about Bronies, then we talk about Ikea, Batman, and hecklers. Oh, also there's a secret word in this episode and we totally nailed it.

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My Little Pony

Fisker Karma

The Zombie Walk

Batman with the bomb

Mr. Vest Grabber

Bubble Bobble


Shania Twin

My Father the Hero

Snap bracelets

That Shirley Temple-looking Canadian Idol

Sleeping with the Enemy


I was trying to paint these

I was trying to paint these thin strips of trim around door panels while listening to this episode and was laughing so hard I had to go back later and paint over where I painted onto the panels and the cross members.


amazing episode, could not stop laughing

Baby with Bills

I know Emmett's Baby with Bills was rubbing you the wrong way, but I found it hilarious. Especially as the club owner.

Loved it

Yup. My abdominal muscles were already sore from a recent bout of vomiting, so between Bain and Baby with Bills I was laughing so hard it literally hurt.