Stop Podcasting Yourself 245 - Katie-Ellen Humphries

Katie-Ellen Humphries

Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk about how people ask each other out on dates, Dave's mustache, and Magic Mike.

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Scooby Snacks

The Thundershirt

Blind Date

Soul Decision

An up-to-date look at Dave's mustache

That Batman cosmetics gag

Stray Cat Strut

Peter Mansbridge

Superstar Billy Graham's Hulk portrait

Joyful Noise

The Noid




Food names

How could you forget Mr. Bean in Beans?

A few more ideas for people in aisles

-Jack in snacks
-Pete in meats
-Reggie in veggies
-Mary in dairy
-Doris in florist
-Han in canned (bit of a stretch there)

I'm sure there are more.

-Hunter in Kirkland