Stop Podcasting Yourself 281 - Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana

We present this episode out of order due to timely events. Pro wrestler Colt Cabana joins us to talk about a shooting we all witnessed. And also wrestling, of course.

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Comedic Genius Survives

I've listened to every episode you guys have done and this is the first one that gave me chills. That is a traumatic experience you endured Dave. It'll be normal to feel so. You should probably talk to someone about it.

I know i speak for countless more people than myself when i say that if i were to lose the gift of your mind-bogglingly (seemingly anyway) effortless and dismissive wit i would be devastated. I wouldn't be the only stranger that would cry for your loss Mr. Shumka. Keep that in mind as you (and Graham) continue to manifest your greatness.

-(Posted in the past as) "dontknower"


So glad you're ok, Dave! (also glad Graham is ok, although he was in less immediate danger). SPY is my favorite podcast. I hope you go on to make 1000 more episodes.


Dave, I am so glad that you are okay! Listening to you retell the details of the evening brought tears to my eyes. So happy that you are okay!

Nice job!

Nice job ducking Dave! Your reflexes are great!


So glad you are ok, Dave!

(And do a comedy special on like Graham and Charlie already... jebus!!! I ain't never seen your standup and you, apparently, could die at any moment.)

the Globe article today

Hi Dave - I am a listener but I'm behind on SPY so when I saw the article in the Globe this morning I was shocked but relieved that you're okay. I'm glad it's something you can laugh about.

Oh, yeah, and I'm glad Graham is okay too.



Glad you're ok Dave.

Here is the story on the CBC.

Oh My God!

I usually listen to Stop Podcasting Yourself when I go to bed at night, so that I can laugh, relax, and unwind while I'm going to sleep. Instead, last night I found myself lying awake and staring at the ceiling while I listened to this story. I mean, I knew you survived, Dave, since you were around to tell us what happened. But MAN, was this scary to hear!

On behalf of all of your fans everywhere, let me say that we are so glad that you are so damned lucky.


Thrills! Chills! Pills?

Wow! What an intense episode. I'm really glad Dave took the blue pill and high-fived Morpheus or whatever the Matrix was about. It was about fighting computers and roboctopi, right? What's a roboctopi you ask? It's the plural of roboctopus. But I guess you wouldn't know that because you're living a lie inside a computer thinking calamari tastes like chicken.


wtf! SO happy you're not only ok, but are able to joke about it! BIG HUG!!!


I'm glad you're okay Dave! I didn't realize when I watched the news clip that you were the one shot at :(


--Marie Curious

oh nooooo

DAaaaVEEE ! i'm so glad you're ok, we love you