Stop Podcasting Yourself 315 - Taz VanRassel

Taz VanRassel

Taz VanRassel returns to talk high school auditoriums, the 1970s, and parachutes.

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Budweiser Black

Manute Bol


Kangaroo zipper shoes

Slime Time


Oh Sit

The end of The Wonder Years

Rich Aucoin

Walking on the Sun

Airplane Repo

Mandarin orange elephant

Saving Private Banks

Throwing TVs out the window


I was thinking about starting

I was thinking about starting to watch Game of Thrones, but now I know it will feel hollow until the Freaky character shows up.

Blue muscle mascot with sunglasses

DC Wizards

G-Man Bio:

To keep flying high with super dunks
G-Man's incredible dunks wow the Wizards crowd
Mitchell Layton/NBAE Photos/Getty Images
Best Friends:
Superman, Turbo, Spiderman and the Power Rangers
Favorite Song:
G-Man has accomplished some of the most spectacular dunks every performed by a mascot. Some of G-Man's Rim Rattling Repertoire include the in-between the legs dunk, the reverse, the 360 and the flip dunk.
Gymnastics, Dunking, Working out, Staying healthy and reading.
"Bring it"
Let G-Wiz or G-Man perform at your event. They can dazzle both young and old, so ask for the best act in the area. They will magically entertain your crowd.

Mascot, Racist

Oh god, I just realized that the two of the cities I've lived in (Cleveland and Atlanta) have super racist mascots, and of course they're the ones that you call out.

The Magic Time Machine (Restuarant)

When I was a kid, one of the servers was dressed as Satan - my brother, my friends and I were scared of him, so he started terrorizing us by lighting a cigarette lighter menacingly (it worked on us). We ran away from him and almost ran into the Cat in the Hat coming around a corner. We screamed at the top of our lungs. Our parents never took us back.