Stop Podcasting Yourself 321 - Chris Locke

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Chris Locke

Comedian Chris Locke joins us to talk posters, Donald Duck, and patio drinking.

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Stay Tuned (with Pam Dawber; NOT Markie Post)

To Chris, Best wishes. Love, N.W.A

Paul Pfeiffer

That Dino Prank

Softball glove thief dog

Hope Floats



The Seinfeld Library Cop

Macklemore's text

Daffy Duck's bill


Chris Locke's next album

Great episode. Chris Locke's next cd should definitely be called "Smaller and Whiter".

p.s. I thought the name of Rock's special was "Bigger and Blacker and Uncut" but a google search doesn't support this. 'Tis a pity because then Locke's next album could be "Smaller and Whiter and Circumcised" which is a funnier title.

p.p.s. When you google "'tis a pity" to make sure you spelled it correctly, Google informs you of a 17th century play called "'Tis Pity She's a Whore" which may be a better title than either of the previous.