Stop Podcasting Yourself 322


Guest-free as we talk about pleasure cruising, benches, honking, and Ugly Kid Joe.

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Speed 2: Cruise Control

Fun ship cruise!

The Purge



Ol' Liverlips

Soft Cell

Object sexuals

Ugly Kid Joe

That Apple ad

Facial vibrator

That arm wrestling show

I'm a Hippie

Let's Hear it for the Boy


Don't let the object sexuals near this bench!

Check out the first bench on the left... looks like the Hulk pooping!

Lock Stock and Two Smoking



A New Song to Me . . .

My baby loves a bunch of authors? Dave's constantly-cross-referencing brain is truly an amazing thing to witness in action. Great episode, as usual.

that thing

I'll be honest; I came here to see the photo of the face vibrator. Thanks for posting this GEM.