Stop Podcasting Yourself 349 - Jon Dore

Jon Dore

Poet Jon Dore joins us to talk Alan Thicke, horse people, and of course, poems.

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Carry On, My Wayward Son



Santa Barbara

These two

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Vera and Norm

The Leftovers

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Losers

Meadows and cobblers



Jon Dore

I love how awkward he makes the conversation. My kind of comedian.

That Wallack's in the photo

That Wallack's in the photo is the one at the corner of Bank and Lisgar streets in Ottawa - there's a really good independent video store upstairs from it. Are there Wallack's outlets in other cities besides Ottawa? I remember that here used to be another store further down Bank St., in the Glebe, but it closed a year or two ago.

Cocktail mix sponsor

What was the name of the cocktail mix sponsor? Specifically the Canadian site that sells their products.

Eli Mason - avail. at

Eli Mason - avail. at thecraftybartender.