Stop Podcasting Yourself 356 - Aaron Read

Aaron Read

Aaron Read returns to talk teen genies, deodorant, and Greyhound buses.

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No Pain No Gain

Hugh Downs

 My Little Genie

Bone church


Turn the Page

Skullet Twins

Sergei Bubka


OK. Soda

Mr. Perfect

A chocolate bar


Dog Shaming

Old Man River

Mother and Child Reunion

Corey Hart's Rudolph

Space axe

The Clapper


My Little Genie

It turns out Aaron wasn't mistaking this for Teen Angel. He was thinking of the show called "You Wish" that aired after Sabrina:

Mr. Big?

I had NO IDEA what you guys were talking about with Mr. Big. I kept waiting for a Sex and the City reference. I think maybe they are limited to Canada?
Thank god for the recap or I would have been confused for the rest of my life.


Was nice getting a mention from Graham on this episode.
Had a great ride back from Seattle with you, hope to meet up with you guys at a show sometime.


i got really excited when i

i got really excited when i heard graham say the phrases "juice box for adults" and "richard lewis".....i've been weirdly obsessed w/ the Boku marketing campaign for years.

but alas, the Boku chat only lasted about ten seconds :-[

Fastest Clappin'

Oh man, I have to call shenanigans on The Clapper. They'll need to add an asterisk to their commercial, the record's been broken!

He's from Illinois, I'm SURE I could secure you an exclusive interview if you came to play in Chicago.