Stop Podcasting Yourself 394 - Switcheroo Week with Jon Dore

Jon Dore
Colt Cabana

It's MaxFun's Great Switcheroo. The hosts of some of MaxFun's shows have swapped for the week. Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn of JJGo are hosting SPY with Jon Dore. And a special guest resuscitates Hulk Hogan News.

Catch Dave and Graham on One Bad Mother later this week.

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The clock from 60 Minutes


A bat

Rat Race

Skunk face

As It Happens

Thunder in Paradise

Bastion Booger




Please God never again.

rat race

I met Jon Lovitz at Subway during the time of filming Rat Race in Calgary. He signed my Subway napkin. I just remember being super stoned and 15 and just talking with my friend asking back and forth: "Is that.. Jon Lovitz? No... What? Maybe.." Then his body guard who was crushing a sandwich said "All 15 million of him." He then gave us a marker to get our napkins signed.