Stop Podcasting Yourself 404 - Kathleen McGee

Kathleen McGee

Comedian Kathleen McGee joins us to talk single dads, barfs, and the Kool-Aid movie.

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Slingshot snap


Chopped kids

Stand By Me barfz

Rude Jude

So I went to Neiman Marcus on a shopping spree...

SeaQuest DSV

Men at Work

The Cure

The dino-grandma

Shelley Long tattoo

Hello Again

Butterfly Kisses

Cocaine jewellery


These guys am I right

Man, look at all these nitpicking asshole comments!

The 6

The city is actually called 'The 6' because it is made up of six amalgamated municipalities: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Old Toronto, Scarborough, and York.

It's a coincidence that the two major area codes both contain sixes.

Vitamin D ODs

I'm only commenting on this because it's health related and often misunderstood. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that does not get expelled through urine. Too much vitamin D can result in kidney stones among other things. B and C are water soluble and pass through urine. A, D, E, and K are fat soluble. So look like ADEK and take too much A,D,E, & K. That's how I remember it.

Jonestown suicides.

They drank grape Flavor Aid, not Kool Aid.