Stop Podcasting Yourself 416 - Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane

Comedian Kyle Kinane returns to talk napkin addiction, moisturizing gloves, and paint exercise.

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Push It

Beardless Kyle


Burning Man bikes



Lotion gloves

Fence painting


Dog kombucha, I guess


Crafty gravestone...

Here's that gravestone you guys were talking about...the one that our kid made for our dog:

(I helped with the wrapping. The rest was her.)

Gay Dogs

I've now listened to this overheard like 6 times and I'm still crying with laughter!! I have no idea why I'm laughing so hard, but my boss would also like an explanation. By the way, I listen to your podcast with my headphones in, in my painfully silent office and I regularly have tears streaming down my face attempting to laugh silently. I should really listen to something more serious. Anyway, this was a great episode - Kyle Kinane is now my favorite guest.