Switchblade Sisters Episode 31: Deep Rising with Rebekah McKendry

April Wolfe
Rebekah McKendry

Deep Rising

Rarely do we get a PhD. level academic on the show to discuss horror, but we got one this week! It's writer, director, professor and 'Shock Waves' podcast host Rebekah McKendry. She's on to discuss the underseen Deep Rising. She details her connection to aquatic horrors, dating back to her childhood growing up next to a river infested with alligator gars. April and her "dive" into what separates Deep Rising from all the other late '90's disaster/monster movies. Rebekah also divulges what goes into her filmmaking process; creating characters, directing actors, and designing creatures. To quote the tagline of this film - "Full scream ahead!"

Shock Waves is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Deep Rising

With April Wolfe and Rebekah McKendry.

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