Switchblade Sisters Episode 64: 'The Bourne Identity' with 'Close' Director Vicky Jewson

Vicky Jewson

The Bourne Identity

This week we have the amazing writer/director Vicky Jewson (Lady Godiva, Born of War) on the program. Her new film, Close, stars Noomi Rapace as a counter-terrorism expert and bodyguard tasked to protect a wealthy heiress. It's a gritty, intimate action film, and that's why the movie Vicky has chosen to discuss is so apt. This week Vicky will be discussing 2002's, The Bourne Identity. Vicky elaborates on the influence this film had on her, and how the Bourne series has had a huge influence on the current iterations of the Bond movies. Vicky goes in depth on mapping out action sequences and working with stunt coordinators to achieve a spontaneous feel in her film. She also talks about working with Noomi Rapace, and why it was difficult for her to call "cut." Vicky and April also go behind the scenes of The Bourne Identity and outline Doug Liman's career trajectory from indie films to directing an unorthodox blockbuster action film.

You can see Close on Netflix.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch The Bourne Identity.

With April Wolfe and Vicky Jewson.

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