Alex Blagg, Web Guru: Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Alex Blagg

Web guru Alex Blagg of ABajillionHits.biz jacks your strat with a powerblast of social media marketing know-how and online insight.

JESSE THORN: Our guests on The Sound of Young America this week have been telling stories; telling their stories. But it’s useless to tell your story if no one’s listening. That’s where the internet comes in.
When we first met my next guest, Alex Blagg, he was a satirist; a comedy writer. He was contributing comedy pieces to The Sound of Young America, but in the past five years since the last time we’ve spoken to him, he’s transformed himself into a web guru. His website, abajillionhits.biz is a compendium of vital information about what he calls, “Jacking your strat.” It’s been featured in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Tech Crunch, Fast Company, The Village Voice, and even in an internal memo from Gawker founder Nick Denton.
I talked to Alex Blagg about how you can jack your strat, and we put together this power smash of vital internet information.
Alex Blagg, welcome to The Sound of Young America.
ALEX BLAGG: Thanks a lot Jesse, it’s great to be here.

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