Alice Fraser

International Waters Ep 135: Sing with the Onion Man

Jordan Morris, Ryan Singer, and Dave
Ryan Singer
Jordan Morris
Josh Glac
Alice Fraser

Jordan Morris, Ryan Singer, Josh Glanc and Alice Fraser join host, Dave Holmes for embarrassing high school protest stories, a round of Florida man vs Australia man, and made up celebrity biographies.

Jordan Morris wants to plug Bubble on Maximum Fun and Jordan Jesse Go on Maximum Fun and recommends Dose Your Dreams by Fucked Up.

Ryan Singer wants to plug his comedy album Free Love and Me and Paranormal You and recommends Immortal Americans by Austin Lucas.

Josh Glanc wants to plug his upcoming tour dates in London and Australia and recommends Big Mouth on Netflix.

Alice Fraser wants to plug Tea with Alice and the Alice Fraser Trilogy and recommends The Rivers of London series of books.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and would like to recommend Forever on Amazon.

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Christian DueƱas and Laura Swisher.

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