Switchblade Sisters Episode 38: 'Wild Tales' with 'Buster's Mal Heart' director Sarah Adina Smith

April Wolfe
Sarah Adina Smith

Wild Tales

This week we're joined by friend of the podcast, writer and director Sarah Adina Smith. You may know her from her feature film Buster's Mal Heart starring Rami Malek. But she's also directed episodes of 'Wrecked', 'Room 104', and 'Legion'. Sarah was actually the very first guest on our pilot episode of the podcast, so it's so good to have her back to discuss Damián Szifron's Wild Tales. The film is made up of six short films of comical revenge. Sarah and April dive in to what makes this movie "clean" and "perfect" - as they call it. Sarah reveals that she shares some similar obsessive qualities with director Szifron. She also talks about how a location is just another form of casting. This episode is a really fun discussion about following your instincts when creating art.

You can watch Buster's Mal Heart on Netflix now.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Wild Tales

With April Wolfe with Sarah Adina Smith,

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An Ice Cold Harlem Bird Bath (DeRay McKesson, Abortion Around The World, Update on Michael Johnson from Ep.6, Scandal Finale)

Minority Korner
DeRay McKesson

Man o Man o Man... o MAN! We got a show for you guys!!! We got the amazing host of Pod Save The People, DeRay McKesson on the show! Can you even believe?! But before we get to the interview we have an update on the story from Episode 6 about Tiger Mandingo aka Michael Johnson who was convicted to prison for spreading HIV, but the story is much more complicated than just that... We also send our pal Scandal off into the great blue yonder and chat about the Finale. We also cover the potential change in abortion laws for Argentina, which leads us to take a closer look at the laws from around the world and what status various countries hold on legality of it. Thank you for listening!!


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