Barbara Crampton

Switchblade Sisters Episode 13: Raw with Barbara Crampton

April Wolfe
Barbara Crampton

On this week's episode we have the legendary horror actress Barbara Crampton. You may know her from a number of classic horror/thrillers; Re-Animator, Body Double, From Beyond, and many others. She sits down with April to discuss last year's best french, veterinary school, cannibal film, Raw. Barbara regales April with stories from her prolific acting career, working with Brian De Palma, and eschewing the 'Scream Queen' title. She dives deep on what it takes to motivate her as an actor. Plus, they cover Barbara's thoughts on the use of sex and nudity in horror films.

Check out Barbara Crampton's work in From Beyond, Re-Animator, and most recently Beyond The Gates.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Raw.

With April Wolfe and Barbara Crampton

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