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Yesterday the Sklar Brothers came by for an interview (to be heard later on TSOYA), and we fell into talking about sports, and specifically, the intersections between sports nerddom and comedy nerddom. I was inspired by their passion, so here's A Baseball Post.

First of all, congratulations to Jacob Mustafa, owner of the Nothing Can Mustafas Now in the Maximum Fun Fantasy Baseball League. You may know Jacob as the editor of TSOYA The College Years. After Rick Paulas' Paulas Poundstones and Paul Reiser's Mojo Reisers spent the season locked in a tight 1-2 battle, the Mustafas triumphed after a shocking last-week ascension. Jacob earns the right to hold the Saint Mary's Park 1992 Trophy (pictured above) for one calendar year, until next year's champion is crowned. He will also, in accordance with Rotisserie Baseball tradition, be doused with Yoo-Hoo brand chocolate drink.

And in further baseball nerd news... if you're looking towards a long fantasy-baseballess winter, here's some good news. Baseball Mogul, the nerdiest and best baseball simulation game available, is now free. Well... last year's version is free. I try not to have the game installed on my computer, because I am inclined to spend ten and twelve hours at a time managing my team, adjusting ticket prices, signing free agents and drafting high schoolers. The good folks at Sports Mogul stop giving away the game at the end of the World Series, so act now.

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Baseball

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We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

On this week's show, a celebration of America's Pastime. We've got baseball trivia with Tim & Eric, creators of the Cartoon Network's "Tom Goes to the Mayor", Will Carroll, author of the The Baseball Prospectus, and author/former major league pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee.

Also, a public service announcement regarding barber shop quartets.

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Fantasy Baseball League?


Word has started to leak out that I am a baseball nerd. I'm comfortable with the fact that I've read several hundred books on the subject, have in the past belonged to a special nerd club and attended it's conventions, and ran a rotisserie baseball league from ages 11-16.

Well, some intrepid Young Americans have suggested a fantasy baseball league, and I am an active supporter of the idea. Interested in participating? Get in on the discussion here.

And even if you don't want to participate in this league, you can still listen to our baseball show, featuring Tim & Eric, Will Carroll of The Baseball Prospectus, and Bill "Spaceman" Lee, the former Red Sox and Expos lefty who once wrote a letter to commissioner Bowie Kuhn stating that he (Lee) did not smoke marijuana (though he did eat it on his pancakes every morning).

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