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MK183: And Baby Makes Three! (When They See Us, Alvin Ailey, #CancelLindaFairstein, Wanda Sykes, Jeopardy, Baby Maya)

Minority Korner

We are coming in hot today as we are joined with a special guest: baby Maya is making her debut on the korner as Nnekay is literally juggling all things at once: all the snaps to our very own mother of dragons (except she ain't as mad - but she will burn it down: looking at you Linda Fairstein). But first! Should Nnekay be on Jeopardy? James puts on his Dina Lohana Momager tiara to push his baby girl to the top! We talk about Wanda Sykes new comedy special on Netflix which is a great reprieve while watching Ava DuVernay's "When They See Us" - the important new series unpacking the unjust criminalization of 5 innocent Black children for the rape of a young white women in Central Park. If you had time to watch 'Game of Thrones' you have time to watch this! With Barry Jenkins setting his sights on a new film about revolutionary dancer Alvin Ailey, Nnekay breaks down who he is, and why he's so important. James circles back to the Central Park 5, and dives into the climate of New York around this time, who Linda Fairstein is who lead the prosecution and spun this web of chaotic lives that saw these children lose decades of their lives, and how she profited. Also what you can do to turn the beat around on our criminal unjustice system! 


Alvin Ailey:


5 Black Men React to "When They See Us"
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