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Switchblade Sisters Episode 95: 'Heathers' with 'Jawline' Director Liza Mandelup

Liza Mandelup


Liza Mandelup is an award winning film director from New York residing in Los Angeles. Starting her career in photography, she graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts and embedded herself in fascinating communities for photo series that culminated in two photo books. In 2018, Liza received the prestigious Sundance Documentary Fund grant for her film Jawline, following a handful of online teen heartthrob boys to chronicle the curious rise of a burgeoning yet fleeting economy. Jawline premiered at Sundance Film Festival and went on to win the Special Jury Award for Emerging Filmmaker. She was also named by Filmmaker magazine as one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema in 2018 and one of 10 Documentary Filmmakers to Watch by Variety.

The movie that Liza chose to discuss ties in effortlessly with her own film Jawline - that would be 1988's dark comedy Heathers. April and Liza discuss the nature of being a teenager and just how serious everything feels. Liza talks about interviewing all the wannabe influencers for her film Jawline and how, no matter the place, everyone dressed the exact same. She also discusses the effects of "follow culture" and how that is demonstrated in both Heathers and Jawline.

You can stream Jawline on Hulu now.

And if you haven't seen Heathers yet, watch it now!

With April Wolfe and Liza Mandelup.

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Minority Korner 111:Titties Loose and My Hair Tied Up! (#TimesUp, Golden Globes, Racial Politics of Obesity and Food, Whole 30, Oprah, allyship, Malcolm Gladwell)

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This week, the Wonder Twins are back and ready for the second week of 2018. Is Nnekay naked?! James investigates. James has discovered The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Nnekay is super excited because and has loved him for a long time and pumps his podcast: Revisionist History. Going back to Tipping Point the twins discuss if they are Connectors, Mavens, or Salespeople. Also, the current Tipping Point we may be in. Speaking of... the Golden Globes! Specifically, Oprah's amazing speech, which motivated all of us to do better, be better, and get ready to fight. Not to mention Recy Taylor- Say Her Name! Continuing the trend of the Golden Globes, Nnekay decides to cover the topic of #TimesUp and the men who wore the pins on the red carpet. Are some of them hypocrites? Do they need to take those pins off? Or is it as simple as saying a sincere "sorry"? She'll give you the facts to find out. In James's Korner- he decides to educate everyone by covering the various racial politics that surround food and obesity in America. Why does obesity effect some races more than others? What are food desserts? How does heart disease factor in killing a disproportion of people of color? As a possible solution James speaks the truths of The Whole 30 and how it might help you re-calibrate your view on food. Thanks for listening and have a good week!


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