Judge John Hodgman Episode 313: Sisterhood of the Gaveling Pants


Zoe brings the case against her sister, Mara. Zoe has accused Mara of stealing her clothes and she would like them back. Mara thinks Zoe should be more willing to share. Who's right? Who's wrong?


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My pal Roxanna just started a website called It's a style photoblog of the kind of guys she likes -- which, coincidentally, are probably the kind you like. Each photo of an awesome Nerd Boyfriend like Gene Wilder is presented with links to cop the styles you see in the pics... be it for yourself or your Nerd Boyfriend.

Any website with a one-two-three punch of Andrew WK, Willie Nelson and Peter Sellers is pretty kick-ass, right?

Martin the Tailor


Martin the Tailor from Ed David on Vimeo.

Lovely short doc on Martin Greenfield of Greenfield Clothiers, one of the longest-standing and most-respected made to measure tailors in the United States.

Via one of my favorite clothes blogs, A Suitable Wardrobe.

I endorse Cooperstown Ballcaps

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I don't often endorse products on this blog, but I figured I'd share this one, since a lot of folks have been asking me about clothes and baseball lately.

The Cooperstown Ballcap Company
makes the best baseball caps I've ever seen. I have several. They are made to order, of exceptional quality, and can be purchased with almost any team logo in the past 100 years. Each hat has a soft leather band, can be ordered with a low or high crown, short, medium or long bill, and can be worn in almost any casual-wear context. They're really beautiful.

Anyway, they normally cost like $45, which is worth it, but they're all 25% off for December. A perfect gift for a baseball fan you know, or just someone looking for really high quality streetwear. Or you.

A hint: they also sell returns for 50% off. Since it's a made-to-order business, you never know what you'll find available on the returns area of their site in your size, but it's always worth a look.

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