Troubled Waters Episode 1: Black vs Creamy

Troubled Waters
Hal Lublin
Lisa Linke
Billy Wayne Davis
Zabeth Russell

The stakes could not be higher on the inaugural episode of Troubled Waters! Two teams will face off for the right to be right about: The best way to drink coffee. It’s Team Black versus Team Creamy.

Team Black
Billy Wayne Davis and Zabeth Russell

Team Creamy
Hal Lublin and Lisa Linke

This week, our teams give a listener advice on friendships and pizza dough, tell embarrassing stories from college, and Dave's mom makes a special appearance for a game we're calling "What Celebrity is Dave's Mom Talking About?"

Hal Lublin wants to plug We Got This, Tights and Fights and Good Morning Night Vale.

Lisa Linke wants to plug Go Help Yourself.

Billy Wayne Davis wants to plug his upcoming appearance on Squidbillies.

Zabeth Russell wants to plug her upcoming appearances on You're The Worst and Fresh Off The Boat.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ produced by, Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

One Bad Mother, Episode 292: Maturity…Whatever That Means! Plus, Parental Inequality with Amy Westervelt

One Bad Mother
Amy Westervelt

Biz and Theresa try to answer the question posed by many kids looking to have more freedom, “What’s a kid gotta do to get mature around here?” We often tell our kids that when they are “more mature” they will get more responsibility, but what does that mean exactly? Plus Biz was there, Theresa leans into Netflix and everyone gets rilled up about parental inequality with guest Amy Westervelt, author of Forget “Having It All”: How America Messed Up Motherhood— and How to Fix it.

Find out more from Amy at her website, follow her on Twitter @amywestervelt and on Instagram at amywestervelt. Her new podcast, Drilled, can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. Her book Forget “Having It All”: How America Messed Up Motherhood— and How to Fix it is out now.

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Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 570: Pet Banana Peel with Laurie Kilmartin and Jackie Kashian

Laurie Kilmartin
Jackie Kashian

Laurie Kilmartin and Jackie Kashian (The Jackie and Laurie Show) join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how Jesse recently went to his first old person concert, but Jackie has been going to see old people concerts her entire life, Laurie's brief dalliance with Tony Robbins tapes, and the lie that teens have been telling for centuries. Plus, Jackie and Laurie's podcast, The Jackie and Laurie Show, is now on Max Fun!

MBMBaM 446: Face 2 Face: The Cupture


Here’s our live show, presented before a profoundly rowdy Birmingham audience, in which sensitive issues are discussed. Drink deeply of this episode, lapping its precious nutrients out of the palm of our upturned hands.

The Jackie and Laurie Show #163: Just Like The Prophecy Predicted


This week on The Jackie and Laurie Show, I wonder if she has anything else, hot comics, and we kept driving.

Comic of the Week: Meredith Casey @muradeth

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 248: (Straight out of) Episode 74 (DS9 S3E25)


When Jadzia Dax assembles her friends for a symbiote bar mitzvah, everyone is invited. But when some guests overstay their welcome, it’s up to Dax to convince Kerzon that the party’s over. What’s the most boring video game? Which actor may be “too scary for tv”? Does Darien Wallace fuck? It’s the episode where we did it on the first take!

Follow The Game of Buttholes: The Will of the Prophets!

The JV Club Ep. 309: Vera Sola

The JV Club
Vera Sola

Get ready to cut some alarm wires, escape your apartment and sneak on over for some teenage tales of literature devouring, lakeside sulking, and blue hair dying with musician Vera Sola, and find out who King Solomon was (no, not that King Solomon) and the mysterious fate that befell him.

Hosted by Janet Varney.

Edited by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 569: Wah to the Bone with Jenny Jaffe

Jenny Jaffe

Jenny Jaffe (Rugrats, Project UROK) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jordan's cape phase in high school, the difference between comedy nerds and musical theater nerds, and the insane new movie Serenity. Plus, everyone spends a few fun minutes coming up with video game butt puns and the guys stumble upon a potentially lucrative use of the podcast.

MBMBaM 445: Pizzalicious Turbo-Moths


This episode is all about food mistakes, which -- you know, we could save a lot of time writing these descriptions if we just used that as a boilerplate for every episode. This, and all episodes: Food mistakes.

Suggested talking points: 200 Convo Starties for Guys, Raccoon Ciabatta, Wingilingus, My Body is My Dad, Navigational Woes, Hole Uncle, Foodlifting

The Jackie and Laurie Show #162: The Class of '82 Were Bitches


This week on the Jackie and Laurie show, excited to be reminded, take the gig, and sex hawk.

Comic of the Week: Hoodo Hersi @HoodoHersi

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