Max FunDrive Winners!


Well, I just held the virtual drawing for our pledge drive prizes (it involves a random number generator, a Cray Supercomputer and a copy of Microsoft Excel 2000), and I'm proud to
announce our drawing winners!

A Custom Hobo From Ape Lad

Congratulations to Matt Hill, Patricia Reed, Josh Arcurio, Andrew Batten and Laura Gastel! You won a custom hobo illustration from Ape Lad (aka Adam Koford). Adam's now doing monkey illustrations, so you're getting his historic FINAL HOBOES.

SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From A Plane

Congratulations to David Shumka, who won a copy of Kasper Hauser's brilliant book.

John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise

Congratulations to Troy Coll, who wins an inscribed copy of Hodgman's hilarious compendium of knowledge.

Get Smart Box Set

Congratulations to Margaret Cross, who won our GRAND PRIZE, a complete DVD box set of Get Smart!

And thanks to everyone who gave during the pledge drive. I've got a brand new field recorder and a much-needed hard drive to show for it already.

Flight of the Conchords Contest, etc...

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The Flight of the Conchords contest continues apace... simply upload to Flickr a picture of yourself rocking out -- it needn't be a photo, and you needn't interpret it literally. At the end of the day tommorow, I'll pick two winners who'll get sweet prize packs from HBO including a t-shirt, a poster, a "robot stress reliever" and a DVD. Be sure to tag your photos "maxfunflight" so I can find them.

Also! The first episode of F of the C is now up on the HBO website. So far I've spotted past TSOYA guests Eugene Mirman and Arj Barker in prominent roles, and I'm barely halfway through!

Flight of the Conchords Contest


I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be blogging. But it's a cool contest!

We're giving away two of the ever-popular "prize packs" including a DVD, poster, t-shirt and postcard, PLUS A ROBOT STRESS RELIEVER.

If you have one of these relievers and Old Glory Insurance, there's really no reason for Robot Stress.


Upload a picture of you rocking out to our Flickr group, and tag it maxfunflight. I will pick my two favorites next week when I return from the Yay Area!

Below: from the Conchords' HBO special, "Issues (Think About It)"

"You're Gonna Get Stuck Like That!"


"Pope-o" is the winner of our Aqua Teen Hunger Force Crap Contest, which asked readers to post pictures of themselves making funny faces to Flickr. He gained unfair advantage by using an ignorant child -- and gaining unfair advantage is the best way to win.

"Pope-O," please email me your address so I can send your crap (once it gets to me).

The movie, by the way, opens today I think. I saw it and it was funny.

Better than the lottery!

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In addition to the $250,000 NASA is giving away, I will give $20 to any Maximum Funster who wins THE 2007 ASTRONAUT GLOVE CHALLENGE.

Furthermore, I will offer $50 (in addition to the $250,000 prize) to any Maximum Funster who wins the PERSONAL AIR VEHICLE CHALLENGE.

My promise to you is simple: design me a jetpack, win fifty big ones.

Win some Aqua Teen Hunger Force crap.


I refuse to be bought... but I'll sell out in a minute if it means free crap for you!

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force film, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Moviefilm for Theaters" is almost in here, and while you wait, rapt, wondering how they're going to convince anyone to sit through the equivalent of seven episodes in a row...


To quote from the kind PR folks stoking the fires of internet buzz:

We'd love it if you could give away this giftbag for the upcoming movie that includes a meatwad beachball, a meatwad stress relief ball, meatwad socks, an ATHF t-tshirt, a mug koozie, a postercard, and poster.

In order to win... take a picture of yourself making a funny face (or draw one if you have no camera) and upload it to our Flickr group with the tag awesomefunnyface.

THEN... tell me what a "koozie" is. This second part is not actually a requirement of the contest, it's just for my own personal info.



High Five Contest is ENDING!

My girlfriend's mom high-fives a centurion in Italy!

The High Five Contest is drawing to a close... what an exciting time this has been. We'll announce the winners on Jordan Jesse GO!, which should go up on Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you are an entrant, and are all done entering, email your final point total to jjgo@maximumfun dot org. Include your address -- remember that all entrants will get some stickers in the mail. Please do this by Monday afternoon so we can determine the winner by nightfall.

And if you haven't entered yet, you have until midnight pacific to do so! You could even win!

Furthermore: if you haven't entered your Debut story for our This American Life contest, please do so by calling 206-984-4FUN. You could win an autographed Ira Glass poster, which as an astute forum member pointed out is the Farah Fawcett poster of the 21st century.


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Thank you, Flickr user MrBikferd.

For the rest of you... there are still NINE DAYS OF HIGH FIVE TO GO!

High Five Contest: Ends 3/31

Wii-me Jordan and Wii-me listener Rachel

The time comes for all contests to end, no matter how awesome that contest might be.

So far, we've received over THREE HUNDRED high fives in our high five contest. They've come from all over the country and all over the world. They've been airborne, adorable and amazing. I love them.

March 31st, however, will be our cutoff. That means you have just two short weeks to take pictures of yourself high fiving, upload them to our flickr group, tag them "awesomehighfive," and thus share them with all of us. The top three high fivers will recieve TSOYA t-shirts, and our grand champ will get a huge prize pack including an SCTV DVD set, a Stephen Colbert / George Bush "We're not braniacs on the nerd patrol" t-shirt from sneakmove, and much more.

But two weeks is all it takes! Grab a camera and get to work!

This American Life Contest!


Showtime was nice enough to give us a big beautiful poster for their new television version of This American Life.... and as if that wasn't enough, it's autographed by the Ira Glass.

So: we're giving it away.

Here's the contest: call our listener hotline at 206-984-4FUN and tell us a story. Like This Life, we have a theme: debuts. Keep it pithy and punchy, if you please. Interpret the theme broadly. Leave your name and phone number.

The TV TAL debuts on Showtime March 22nd, and our contest ends at the end of the month.

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