Damian Kulash

OK GO's Damian Kulash: "The Song That Changed My Life" on The Sound of Young America

A band with DIY roots: OK Go. Damian Kulash is 2nd to right.
Damian Kulash

OK Go is a band who broke out with a hugely popular homemade video for their single A Million Ways.

Lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash talks to us about one of the moments that led him to this place in music - hearing "Rockit" by jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

OK Go's live album 180/365 is out now and you can catch up on all of their other projects at OKGo.net.

Ira Glass and Damian Kulash on Internet

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Session 3: May the Best Band Win from Ford Foundation on Vimeo.

Two great past TSOYA guests, Ira Glass and Damian Kulash of OK Go chat about the power of INTERNET at the Ford Foundation.

Special guest appearance by a CERTAIN JUDGE.

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