Who Shot Ya? Episode 105: Dances with Avatars - The Gang Talks 'Avatar' and Their Favorite Sexy Movies

Who Shot Ya?


The year...2154. The planet...Pandora. The podcast...Who Shot Ya? Alonso is back from the Venice Film Festival to talk about the forgotten 2009 film, Avatar. The crew answers a call from the Who Shotline about their favorite sexy movies. And, as always, we've got staff picks.

In news, Joker causes chaos and the Crazy Rich Asians co-writer exits the sequels.

Staff Picks:

Ify - Speed Racer
Drea - Ms. Purple
Alonso - Raise Hell: The Life & Times Of Molly Ivins

With Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark, and Alonso Duralde.

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MK156: Get Your Side Gaze On! (California's Indigenous Genocide, Celebrity Side Eye, The Lion King, Thanksgiving, Gina Rodriguez, Ellen Pompeo)

Minority Korner

This week you better have your eyes lubricated because we are side eyeing EVERYTHANG- from California and it's horrible history of the genocide of Indigenous People, to a certain celebrity who just keeps fucking up! But before we get to the korners James is super excited about A Star Is Born, and Nnekay joins in on the the questionable reason as to why we even need another Lion King, is this one even "live action"? The duo also talk about when to have tough conversations with people- James gives examples and Nnekay gives more examples as to why the many tiny mistreatment of black women in the medical field could lead to Black Maternal Mortality. Let's get to it!





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Pop Rocket: Episode 127 Wonder Woman with April Wolfe

Pop Rocket
Margaret Wappler
Wynter Mitchell
Karen Tongson
April Wolfe

Margaret takes over hosting duties this week and is joined by film critic/Pop Rocket's Fifth Beatle April Wolfe to talk about Wonder Woman! What did the film do so right? Is this record-breaking film a sign that DC is finally turning around? Plus, the gang takes some of your questions from the official Pop Rocket Facebook group. Don't worry, Rocketeers, this discussion is SPOILER FREE!

By the way, Pop Rocket's Summer Book club is underway! If you still need to buy a copy of Parable of the Sower, click HERE to get it on Amazon.

With Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson, Margaret Wappler, and guest April Wolfe.

That’s My Jam:

Margaret Wappler - Marika Hackman - My Lover Cindy
Karen Tongson - k.d. lang - Summerfling
Wynter Mitchell - Missy Elliott - 4 My People
April Wolfe - Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway

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Pop Rocket 84: Summer Blockbusters with Devin Faraci and Riley Silverman

Riley Silverman, Oliver, Devin Faraci, and Wynter
Pop Rocket
Oliver Wang
Wynter Mitchell
Devin Faraci
Riley Silverman

Oliver takes over hosting duties today and is joined by Wynter and special guests, comedian (and writer for MaxFun podcast International Waters!) Riley Silverman and Editor in Chief of Birth.Movies.Death, Devin Faraci. This week, the gang talks about this summer’s blockbusters with a focus on DC and Marvel movies! Is Suicide Squad a beautiful trainwreck or just a trainwreck-y trainwreck? Why does Marvel seem to be killing it at the box office and with critics while DC struggles to do either? Who in the world wanted another Independence Day movie? All that, plus, Oliver finds a new weird Olympic sport to obsess over, Wynter brings in some more KCRW-esque Jams, Riley has a few words to say on Rio de Janiero, and Devin still holds hope for one final potential summer blockbuster.

NOTE: Mild Harry Potter spoilers from 03:35-07:01 YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, NERDS!

Hey, you! Margaret Wappler’s book is out now! Treat yourself tonight and get Neon Green HERE or at your local independent bookstore. Check her website for tour dates.

With Oliver Wang, Wynter Mitchell and special guests Riley Silverman and Devin Faraci.

That’s My Jam:

Riley Silverman - Tegan and Sara - Boyfriend
Oliver Wang - Buddy Fo – Watermelon Man
Wynter Mitchell - Mateo Senolia - Baldwin
Devin Faraci - G.L.O.S.S. – Give Violence a Chance

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Ray Suarez & Dan Deacon

Ray Suarez
Dan Deacon
Phoebe Robinson

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Thanks to everyone who came out to our World Tour of Several American Cities! Here’s our show recorded in front of a live audience at NPR Studio 1 in Washington D.C.

For more photos - including action shots of Dan Deacon's set - click here!

Photo by Kenneth Lecky

Comedy: Phoebe Robinson on Break Ups, Cat Calling and Bi-Racial Mathematics

New York comedian and writer Phoebe Robinson opened our DC show.

Her podcast, 2 Dope Queens, will launch soon with WNYC. Robinson co-hosts the show with The Daily Show's Jessica Williams.

You can find more from Phoebe, including live dates at her website, www.phoeberobinson.tumblr.com.

Photo by Kenneth Lecky

Ray Suarez on Being the Face of Diversity and Life as a Role Model

Ray Suarez is a broadcast journalist and writer with a thirty-plus year career in journalism. He currently hosts Inside Story on Al Jazeera America. Previously he was a senior correspondent on the PBS NewsHour and before that was the host of Talk of the Nation on NPR.

He has explored the cultural history of the United States in three books which include Latino Americans: The 500 Year Legacy That Shaped a Nation and The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America.

Ray Suarez shared the stage with Jesse to talk about growing up in Brooklyn, frequently being the first non-white hire and how it feels to be an unintentional role model.

Inside Story airs weekdays at 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT on Al Jazeera America.

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Photo by Kenneth Lecky

Dan Deacon on His Love of Aerosmith, Theatrics and Touring with Miley Cyrus

Dan Deacon is a longtime Bullseye favorite -- an electronic musician who's earned a large following for his fun and exciting live shows. He's become known for his own unique brand of audience participation during his sets.

Deacon performed live in front of our studio audience and also talked about his early affinity for Aerosmith, incorporating theatrics into his performance and what it’s like to tour with Miley Cyrus.

Dan Deacon’s latest album is Gliss Riffer.

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