Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 7): Reptilian Edition


We've reached the climax of our Contact in the Desert experience. Join Carrie and Ross as they attend yet another disclosure panel, examine an alien skeleton, learn that evolution is hogwash, hear an inexplicable story about Shirley MacLaine, see Giorgio Tsoukalos one last time, and try to stump a professor (or maybe accidentally hit on him). Plus, crop circle expert Patty Greer finally shows up and BOY HOWDY does she make an impression. You just never know what's gonna come out of her face. It's all here in the final episode of Ross and Carrie Make Contact.

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Ross and Carrie Make Contact (Part 3): Disclosing Steven Greer


Ross attends a two-hour lecture by former physician and UFO expert Steven Greer. Mix some extraordinary stories with a little science jargon and some inflated self-confidence, and you get this guy. Greer explains scalar energy, MKUltra Babies, the U.S. government's adoption of alien technology, and why everyone at this conference is wrong except for him. Oh also, he's very buff, and you'd better notice. Check it out!

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