Judge John Hodgman Episode 407: 280 Character Witness

Naomi Fry

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Troy files suit against his friend, Sarah. Troy discovered that Sarah is not following him back on Twitter. He's especially offended that she is following John Mayer but not him. Troy believes he deserves a follow but she disagrees. With Expert Witness Naomi Fry!


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Judge John Hodgman Episode 403: Live From Seattle 2019

Shabazz Palaces

This week's episode was recorded LIVE IN SEATTLE! There's the case, "May It Placebo the Court," Swift Justice cases about making new friends, having tiles shipped to a friend's house, and smart lights. Plus music from Shabazz Palaces!

Please note, the music segment of the show contains some strong language.


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CIPYD 80: Siobhan Thompson and the Old English Sheepdog

Siobhan Thompson

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Renee tells us all about a Chocolate Labradoodle she met in Dogs We Met This Week. She also takes a look inward and contemplates her dog snobbery. We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Old English Sheepdog! They’re big, fluffy, and whole lot of work! We have special guest Siobhan Thompson with us to talk about the dogs of her childhood! We’ve got some dog “tech” that’s honestly just a very fun way to use Google! And of course, a Facebook Pinned Post that we absolutely adore.

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CIPYD 60: Jeph Jacques and Canadian Eskimo Dogs

Jeph Jacques

Wow! Hi! Is that a new shirt? It looks great! We've got a fantastic episode for you this week! Renee tells us all about Lil' Smokey in Dogs We Met This Week and also contemplates if she has fully become a crazy neighbor. You'll learn all about the very strong Canadian Eskimo Dog in Mutt Minute! PLUS we have the very cool JEPH JACQUES on the show to tell us all about his even cooler Great Pyrenees, Shelby! And Hey! Don't stop listening there, because we have some great Dog Tech to help dogs get adopted as well as a fantastic Facebook Thread of the Week! Thank you and ENJOY!

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Judge John Hodgman Ep. 5: The Long-Necked Custody Battle


This week, the case of the Long-Necked Custody Battle.

Best Friends Katie and Meghan went halfsies on a robotic giraffe while vacationing abroad. For years, it entertained friends in their shared college apartment. Now Meghan is headed for a PhD at Stanford, and Katie is staying home and pursuing an advanced degree in illustration. Each wants the other to have the giraffe, as comfort in challenging times. Is Jeffrey the Giraffe staying in Atlanta, or is he headed to Palo Alto. Only one man can decide.

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