Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 26: (Burning) Hot Real Estate!

Jess Phoenix
Ken Koury
Longo Chu

What’s hot in Real Estate? Well, New York Avenue, St. James Place, and... molten lava! First we talk to volcanologist and founder of Blueprint Earth Jess Phoenix about planetary threats like climate change and volcanic eruptions. And then Paula gets concrete advice about where to build her hotels from America’s #3 Monopoly player, Ken Koury. Also, we take a closer look at Paula’s health concerns, and whether or not she’s seeing the right veterinarian.

House band
Longo Chu, Scottish fiddle

Jess Phoenix
Volcanologist and Founder of Blueprint Earth

Facebook: @volcanojessofficial
Twitter: @jessphoenix2018
Instagram: @volcano.jess

Ken Koury
#3 Monopoly Player in the US

Longo Chu
Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles
[Look for their CD collections and 2019 Spring concert in Hermosa Beach on April 13!]

Ep. 25: Go Fact Yourself with Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton

Owen Rubin, Wil Wheaton, J. Keith van Straaten, Anne Wheaton, Helen Hong, Gene Lewin
Wil Wheaton & Anne Wheaton
Gene Lewin & Owen Rubin
J. Keith van Straaten & Helen Hong

It’s the very first couple-edition of Go Fact Yourself!

Wil Wheaton is an actor, writer and geek-culture legend. He’s been in everything from Star Trek: The Next Generation where he starred as the character Wesley Crusher, to his YouTube series TableTop. He’s glad to come onto the show and answer trivia questions about his interests; but he also is eager to prove that he knows these subjects well enough to stump the hosts too.

Competing against Wil is Anne Wheaton, author of the children’s book Piggy and Pug, which is as adorable as the title makes it sound. The book also reflects her background as an animal lover, which has shown in her professional life as well as her personal one. Anne also happens to be married to Wil.

In this episode, we’ll learn about secrets from classic arcade games, musical theater and how Anne and Wil met and fell in love.

What’s the difference: High or Low

What’s the difference between “altitude” and “elevation”?

What’s the difference between “less” and “fewer”?

Areas of Expertise

Anne Wheaton: 1980’s Arcade games, Atari 2600 video-games and puns.

Wil Wheaton: 1980’s Arcade games, Atari 2600 and baking sourdough bread.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Wil Wheaton
Anne Wheaton

With guest experts:

Gene Lewin, owner of Vintage Arcade Superstore.

Owen Rubin, game designer who helped make classic arcade games for Atari.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

Judge John Hodgman Episode 354: Undisclosed Financial Settlement of Catan


Randi brings the case against their girlfriend Lizzy. Lizzy has a growing board game collection and Randi would like her to pare it down. Lizzy says her collection is not disrupting anything. Who's right? Who's wrong?



Thank you to Adam Capybara, Tom Brinton, and Brad Daniels for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put out a call for submissions.



Adam Ruins Everything: Episode 003 Mass Extinction and Video Game Music with Emily Axford

Adam & Emily
Adam Conover
Emily Axford

Emily Axford plays Adam's foil on Adam Ruins Everything, but on this week's podcast, Emily's front and center. She also happens to be just as hilarious and charming in person as she is on the show.

Adam and Emily go way back - they began working together at College Humor - and the laughs never stopped.

On the episode, the two go from deep discussions on aliens and dreams to Emily's yet-to-be-created video game called Space Bears.

You can find more of Emily's comedy over on her YouTube channel.

Adam is on Twitter @AdamConover and you can find past episodes and bonus content from the TruTV show at

Produced by Shara Morris for

Jordan, Jesse, Game!


Thanks to the brilliant Dan Henrick, I'm proud to announce the launch of Jordan, Jesse, Game!

Jordan, Jesse, Game! features Dan's wonderful art and game design, and the voices of me, Jordan, Andy Daly and John Hodgman.

Play the game here.

It's a playable beta, so if you notice any bugs, you can report them on the forum here.


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