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Pop Rocket Ep. 216 - Lady Vengeance: From Bobbit and Beyond

Pop Rocket

In honor of Women’s History Month, the panel lives vicariously through women who sought revenge, from Lorena Gallo (formerly Bobbit), to Thelma & Louise. They touch on their favorite films centered around women seeking revenge...or, perhaps more accurately, justice.

All Abouts

Margaret: Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

Karen: “Operation Varsity Blues”, aka the college admissions scandal

Wynter: Free Solo

Guy: Zumbo’s Just Desserts

That's My Jam

Margaret: Pistol Annies - Got My Name Changed Back

Guy: Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You

Wynter: Work - Charlotte Day Wilson

Karen: Cate le Bon’s - I Just Wanna Be Good

With Guy Branum, Karen Tongson, Margaret Wappler, Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh

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Switchblade Sisters Episode 32: Death Becomes Her with Angela Trimbur, Lauren Parks and Jenée LaMarque of 'The Feels'

April Wolfe
Angela Trimbur
Lauren Parks
Jenée LaMarque

Death Becomes Her

We've got a packed house today with Angela Trimbur, Lauren Parks, and Jenée LaMarque of the new film The Feels. The three women all act in the film with Jenée directing and co-writing with Lauren. They're on the show to discuss Robert Zemeckis' Death Becomes Her. Although not similar in tone or genre, April and the guests quickly find that both of these films are united in their commentary on women's bodies. The Feels analyzes the shame felt by women unable to have an orgasm. While Death Becomes Her addresses the pressure women face to constantly look young - in, albeit, a very violent and supernatural way. Plus, they all discuss the special effects, the production design, and, of course, the delicious performance of Meryl Streep as the aging movie star, Madeline Ashton.

The Feels is available on Amazon.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Death Becomes Her

With April Wolfe with Angela Trimbur, Lauren Parks and Jenée LaMarque

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Who Shot Ya? Episode 36: Movie Mothers, The Talent of Anna Faris, and 'Overboard'

Who Shot Ya?
Ricky Carmona
April Wolfe
Alonso Duralde
Drea Clark


This week we're going Overboard! The crew discusses the new Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez film and compares it to the problematic original. They celebrate the underappreciated career of Anna Faris. April bemoans the fact that there are so few good female characters written into comedies. And much to the dismay of Drea, Alonso dumps all over the original Overboard. Plus, the gang discusses some of their favorite mothers in movies - the good and the evil. And as always, we've got staff picks.

In news, Bill and Ted 3 is actually happening, Ryan Murphy has the idea for a #MeToo TV show, and the royal wedding will be screened live in in theaters.

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Ricky - Wildcats
Drea - Strictly Ballroom
April - Revenge
Alonso -The Blackwater Lightship

PLUS, we have two Spotify playlists. One is for Movie Soundtracks and the other is for Movie Scores. Check 'em out!

Next week we're discussing Breaking In.

With Alonso Duralde, April Wolfe, Drea Clark and Ricky Carmona.

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