Hal Rudnick

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 489: Whack House with Hal Rudnick


Jordan and Jesse take a break from their usual deep dive on shipping logistics and the history of Federal Express to relax and have a good time with actor and comedian Hal Rudnick. Jesse is agitated because he has ants in his car, Hal recalls the first grown up movie he saw in the theater and everyone agrees that their standards for glibness in superhero movies is pretty high.

Action Items: Call in and violate your non-disclosure agreements – 206-984-4FUN!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 295: Bursar's Office with Hal Runick

Hal Rudnick

Comedian and writer Hal Rudnick joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Hal's Penn State roots, Jordan's new commercial, and Jesse gives an update on his electronics repair man.

Action Item -- enter the Jordan Morris Poetry Contest on Tumblr!

Herrmerrn's School of French Kissing for Dogs


"I won the lottery, so I can do whatever I want. That's why I bought out Arby's. But you already know that, from my other commercials. So fuck the haters."

Produced for The Midnight Show, featuring past JJGo guest Hal Rudnick and written by past JJGo guest Heather Campbell.

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