Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 23: Pre-Holiday Spectacular!

Robby Ellington
Cristian Jimenez

Paula and Adam help gear you up for the holidays with wisdom, advice, and myrrh*. Everyone wants to Let It Snow, but Robby Ellingson, GM of the Mt. Baldy Mountain Resort tells us how to MAKE it snow. Professional light-stringer, Cristian Jimenez, owner of The Christmas Dudes, enlightens us on decorative technique. Plus, some straight talk about Christmas entertainment, and whether Jews should be allowed to talk about it. And "Under the Mistletoe," from the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, makes our evening merry and bright.
*myrrh not included

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House band:
Under the Mistletoe, featuring members of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

Robby Ellingson
General Manager, Mt. Baldy Mountain Resort
Twitter: @MtBaldyResort
Facebook: @MtBaldyResort
Instagram: @MtBaldyResort
Website: MtBaldyResort.com

Cristian Jimenez
Owner, The Christmas Dudes
Twitter: @ChristmasDudes
Instagram: @ChristmasDudes
Website: ChristmasDudes.com

Under the Mistletoe featuring members of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
Spotify: 'Joyful & Triumphant' on iTunes
iTunes: 'Joyful & Triumphant' on Spotify
Website: gmcla.org

Celebrate the Holidays with Judge John Hodgman


We've got five years' worth of episodes of Judge John Hodgman under our belt now, which includes a number of holiday themed episodes!

Our initial foray into the holidays happened in our first two months as a podcast! Wondering about the origin of the Sadness Tree? You'll find it in TO TREE OR NOT TO TREE, about the appropriate time to put up holiday decorations.

PROBABLE CLAUS deals with the legend of Santa Claus and whether to create a Santa tradition with children.

AWAY WITH THE MANGER grapples with blending the holiday traditions of an Atheist (but culturally Jewish) dad and a mom who was raised Catholic.

The Judge is visited by the spirits of litigants past in the JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Check it out for updates from the Bat Brothers of Die Flederhaus, the BFFs from The Long-Necked Custody Dispute and Jason Sims of To Tree or Not to Tree.

Bailiff Jesse and Judge Hodgman clear out the holiday docket in IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHAMBERS.

We celebrated Christmas in June this year with a NC-based Santa portrayer, and his wife Virginia. Is it OK for Andy to ho-ho-ho the year round? For a charming Southern Santa and his wife, check out THE SANTA SUIT.

Roland and Nyssa wanted to reboot their family's Christmas gathering this year in FELIZ GRAVITAS. Should the whole gang go watch Star Wars instead?

Judge John Hodgman Episode 189: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chambers


It's that time again! Judge Hodgman weighs in on some winter holiday disputes, and sees the return of a former litigant.

You can see Jason Sims' annual Sadness Tree, and .

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