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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 58: Indiana Poundstone and the Lost Butterfinger

Daniel Grimsland

Our summer movie review episode poses the question: Should you see “Dora and the Lost City of Gold?” We answer by examining another adventurer looking for a city of gold — “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!” Also - Paula’s in a book... that can help you use technology to get more Paula Poundstone! And “Ken Lazebnik’s America” takes an introspective turn.

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Minority Korner 89: All Hail Queen Califa! (Xennials, Queen Califa, Game of Thrones, Sexual Harassment & Astronomy, Indiana Jones, Ewoks, George Lucas, California Blacks)

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Minority Korner

Were you down with Ewoks? One of the Wonder Twins of Podcasting confesses their love, while the other demands reparations! Don't quite consider yourself a Millennial or apart of Generation X?! Good news theirs a made up sub-sect to make yourself feel better: Xennial. Nnekay breaks down why theirs a lack of women, and specifically women of color in the field of Astronomy and fingers seem to point towards: sexual harassment. Come on Physicist! Keep it together! James is going to blow your mind with the untold story of Queen Califia. Who was this African Queen of California? Was she a myth? Or were here and many Blacks before her living in the New Lands of the Americas long before white European settlers? The answer... might surprise you... or maybe not if your'e listening to this podcast. All this and more on this EPIC episode of Minority Korner!

#89 - Best Indiana Jones Film


Fortune and glory, kid. That's what Mark and Hal are after. And in this case, the only way they can get it is to determine the best Indiana Jones film. So hold on to your potatoes, People of the World, because we're in search of the answer that belongs in a museum. You see, listeners, there is no question you possess which we cannot take away. Via answering it.

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