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Maybe I'm The Wrong One

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Maybe I'm The Wong One

"It took 3 instagram stories for [Insane Clown Posse] to take the stage" - Crisitina Johns

"This podcast is awesome" - Jeff Rosenstock

This week on Raydio: Old friend Christina Johns (formally of Side One Dummy Records, now at HOPELESS RECORDS) brings by new friend Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry, Chris Farren's friend). Jeff was in town for the premier of the Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek for which he composed the music. Christina walks us through her recent INSANE CLOWN POSSE show experience, Jeff talks Judgment Night soundtrack, and we reminisce about the hip hop finale to the Arsenio Hall show.

Craig of the Creek premieres March 30th on Cartoon Network or steaming now.


Mage Hand- Litches Get Stiches

Bomb The Music Industry- Gold Sounds

Dog Cops- San Jose

Jeff Rosenstock- I Did Something Weird Last Night

Laura Stevenson- Jellyfish

Paws- No Grace(Demos)

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