Jennings Brown

Ross and Carrie and Jennings Visit Healing Rooms Ministries: Boston Live Show Sexpert Edition


Ross and Carrie visit the Healing Rooms Ministries of Boston on a quest to heal eczema, migraines, allergies, and myopia, and then share the tale with a live Boston public radio audience... and also all the people walking by who overhear their buttfisting references. The great Jennings Brown (Gizmodo, The Gateway) also shares his recent exposé of a fake sex expert, and comes along to the healing rooms to cure his thanatophobist malady. Plus, Carrie tests her new allergy cure in front of a horrified crowd, and Ross shares his dad photos (mostly graves). It's the greatest MaxFunDrive episode of the century! Buttfisting.

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Ross and Carrie Meet Jennings Brown: Teal Swan Edition


You've heard our coverage of Teal Swan's synchronicity workshop. You've heard the fantastic Gizmodo series "The Gateway". NOW hear Ross and Carrie's discussion with The Gateway's creator and host Jennings Brown. Learn inside information about what got cut and what he feels to be Teal's real appeal. What would someone who truly loved themselves do? They'd listen to this interview.

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