Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 7): The Jeran Campanella Interview


Ross and Carrie take a break from their out of body adventures to bring you this interview with prominent Flat Earth proponent Jeran Campanella. He takes a different tack than much of that community and sparks a distinct conversation from our interview with Mark Sargent. Join us in an exploration of religion, the nature of science, rice experiments, intercontinental flights, and the Salton Sea test.

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Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 3): Flat Earth International Conference 2017


Ross and Carrie tune in for the first Flat Earth conference in 500 years and get served a huge helping of mashed potatoes from speakers Darryle Marble and Jeran Campanella. Hear disclaimers that this is not a religious thing, alternated with religious proclamations. Also, learn to think for yourself on pressing issues such as: which root beer is best?

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