Josie Long

Stop Podcasting Yourself 207 - Josie Long

Josie Long

Comedian Josie Long joins us to talk hologram gravestones, celebrity gardening, and jokes that go nowhere.

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The BBC's "Life: An Idiot's Guide"


Here's a little promo for the BBC Radio 4 Comedy program "Life: An Idiot's Guide," which was taped at Edinburgh this year. Note the presence of MaxFunPals W. Kamau Bell and Josie Long, and right at the top, a brief snippet of the voice of YOURS TRULY.

Why is my voice in there? Because the producer of the show, one Colin Anderson, knows my STRONG POSITION on recording theater instructions. My policy: if you need someone to record the "turn off your cell phones" message at the beginning of a show, I AM YOUR MAN.

Now, hundreds of arts patrons around the world know about my commitment to the ANNOUNCING ARTS.

A MaxFunCon Special with Brooke Gladstone, Lee Unkrich and more on The Sound of Young America

A moment with John Hodgman and Lee Unkrich

This week, highlights from our annual creativity and comedy conference, MaxFunCon. Join us for some excerpts of illuminating talks:

Plus, top-notch comedy from:

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 179: Pure Dad (Live at MaxFunCon)

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Matt Besser
Josie Long
Greg Behrendt

Jesse and Jordan record live at MaxFunCon 2011 with special guests Matt Besser (as Zeus), Josie Long and Greg Behrendt.

(Photo by zekewilliams)

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