Justin Moorhouse

International Waters: Episode 26 A Cheeky Vimto

Jamie, Dave, Tess (and Bullseye producer, Julia's dog, Skipper)
Angela Barnes
Jamie Kaler
Justin Moorhouse
Tess Barker

Angela Barnes, Jamie Kaler, Justin Moorhouse and Tess Barker join host, Dave Holmes for pop-culture quizzing, blue jokes, chips vs. crisps and a cheeky Vimto.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos. Produced by Colin Anderson and Jennifer Marmor.

Other useful links this week:
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Watch season 2 of Jamie’s America: Facts Vs Fiction on American Heroes Channel.
Justin’s podcast is About 30 Minutes, Never More than 45.
Tess’s Lady to Lady is our current favourite other MaxFun podcast.
…and here’s Jeremy Irons presenting British kids’ TV.

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