Jordan Jesse Go: 1000 Cones!


Jordan and Jesse want to travel to Denver and buy 1000 strangers an ice cream cone. Can you help? Donate and share our Kickstarter here!

Mike Schmidt's East Coast Tour


Our friend Mike Schmidt from The 40-Year-Old Boy is planning an east coast tour of his compelling/terrifying/hilarious one man show. He's trying to raise six grand to cover the touring costs, and using Kickstarter to do it. If you're a fan of Mike's, get behind it!

The Classical


Hey, Friends of Tom, listen up! Tom Scharpling (former writer for Monk and host of The Best Show on WFMU) is working with a team of terrific journalists (including Bethlehem Shoals [founder of FreeDarko] and Lang Whitaker [editor at SLAM magazine]) to create an "Awl-like" website about sports called "The Classical."

The project promises to be smart, funny, creative, passionate and refreshingly independent. But like any independent creative start-up, they need help to get up and running. Please hit their Kickstarter page and help influence the future direction of sports coverage on the web!

Hella Bitters


Our long-time video pal Ben Harrison has been cooking up cocktail bitters for years, refining an amazing recipe. Now he's kicking things up a notch with a Kickstarter project to make a Giant Vat's worth. A twenty dollar pledge gets you a bottle of Hella Bitter Citrus Cocktail Bitters, featuring Ben offering his best thizz face on the label. Well worth your money, says I.

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