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The JV Club Ep. 336: Scott Thompson

The JV Club
Scott Thompson

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains a discussion of Scott Thompson's experience surviving a school shooting from 23:22 to 37:38

The sketch comedy legend that is Scott Thompson joins JV this week as a spectacularly fascinating and funny Boy of Summer, including a JV-jaw-dropping-moment after a disclosure by Scott that left her temporarily speechless.

Hosted by Janet Varney.

Edited by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

Ep 29: Go Fact Yourself with Scott Thompson and Jenny Yang

Dylan Sittig, J. Keith van Straaten, Scott Thompson, Helen Hong, Jenny Yang
Scott Thompson & Jenny Yang
Dylan Sittig & Peter Winkler

It's a collision of comedians on this episode of Go Fact Yourself!

Scott Thompson is known for being part of the famed comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. How did he become a part of such a well-regarded group of funny people? Let's just say that it all started with a table full of donuts. He'll explain the rest.

Scott faces off against comedian Jenny Yang. Growing up, she thought that she was destined for a career in political activism. But through a long road that included lobbying and poetry readings, she became a comedian and TV personality on the E! Network show "Busy Tonight".

In this episode, we'll learn about timeless movie stars, city planning and the expansive network of UCLA alumni.

What’s the difference: On the Water and Under the Ground

What’s the difference between a cruise ship and an ocean liner?

What’s the difference between a casket and a coffin?

Areas of Expertise

Jenny Yang: LA city planning, social justice leaders and Taiwanese food.

Scott Thompson: James Dean, the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and condiments.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Jenny Yang
Scott Thompson

With guest experts:

Dylan Sittig, community-focused urban and environmental planner for the city of Los Angeles .

Peter Winkler, author of the book The Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best.

This episode is sponsored by Scott Langteau's new children's book Sofa Boy and the Maximum Fun Jumbotron program.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

Comedy Writer, Actor and Director Bruce McCulloch: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Bruce McCulloch

This week, actor, writer and comedian Janet Varney is guest hosting for Jesse! Janet is one of the hosts of the long-running segment Dinner and a Movie on TBS, a writer for the DVD commentary series Rifftrax, and is one of the co-founders and producers of SF Sketchfest (an amazing celebratory festival of comedy in San Francisco).

She'll talk to Bruce McCulloch, best known as one of the members of the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. Since his KITH days, Bruce has written and directed for film and television. Among his projects are movies like Superstar, Dog Park and Stealing Harvard, the ABC series Carpoolers, the KITH miniseries Death Comes to Town, and even a stint on SNL. In this interview, Bruce talks about tracing his musical comedy roots, the dynamics of The Kids in the Hall, producing comedy, and more.

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JANET VARNEY: It's The Sound of Young America, I'm Janet Varney in for Jesse Thorn.

My guest is none other than Bruce McCulloch. For years he's been a member of the amazing Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall. They had a television show in the 90s; the movie Brain Candy that was released in 96; and the awesome recent miniseries, Death Comes to Town.

On his own, Bruce has released two comedy albums. He's directed films like Superstar and Stealing Harvard, and he's collaborated with Bill Burr, Norm McDonald, and many others. We'll talk about all that, but first let's hear this clip from Kids in the Hall with Bruce appearing as Gavin; a grade school boy who's eager to have interactions with nonplussed adults.

Bruce McCulloch you guys know, of course, as a member of Kids in the Hall, but he's also released two comedy music CDs, Shame-Based Man and Drunk Baby Project; he created the ABC series Carpoolers, and has written and directed several films including Dogpark and Comeback Season. He also has a young impetuous Standard Poodle named Meatball.

Scott Thompson, Actor and Comedian, The Kids in the Hall: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is best known for his work in the sketch group The Kids in the Hall, whose TV show began airing on Canadian and US television in the late 80s and early 90s and continues its presence today. The all-male Kids in the Hall are renowned for their bizarre, compelling sketch comedy and portraying both women and men with equal aplomb, and Scott Thompson himself has played a variety of beloved characters from the Queen of England to the over-the-top Buddy Cole to the humble, everyday yes man Danny Husk.

Danny Husk is the inspiration for one of his newest projects, a series of fantasy adventures in graphic novel form. The first of those is Husk: The Hollow Planet.

You can find more from Thompson at his podcast Scott Free and website, NewScottLand.

JESSE THORN: It’s The Sound of Young America, I’m Jesse Thorn. The Kids in the Hall are one of the most beloved sketch comedy groups in the world. From their roots in the rock and roll scene of mid-1980s Toronto, through their television program in Canada and the United States and through today, they’ve been known for some of the weirdest, most bizarre, compelling, hilarious comedy that anyone in the world has to offer.

One of the most singular of their singular members is my guest today, Scott Thompson. The Kids were known for their weird, strange comedy. But one of Scott’s most famous characters was Danny Husk, a man whose only weirdness was how banal he was. In this clip from the kids in the hall TV show Danny Husk is sent by his boss on a woodland retreat to find his inner warrior. The retreat leader is played by fellow Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald.

So it’s pretty interesting that Scott chose Danny Husk to build a graphic novel around; not just any graphic novel, but a fantasy graphic novel called The Hollow Planet. That book is in stores now, and Scott Thompson is with me today. Welcome to The Sound of Young America, Scott.

SCOTT THOMPSON: Thank you very much.

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