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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Killer Mike on his new Netflix show 'Trigger Warning'

Killer Mike

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Killer Mike on his new Netflix show 'Trigger Warning'

The last time we spoke to Killer Mike, he was just coming off the release of his solo album, "I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind" back in 2007. Twelve years later, he's is still on that grind and busier than ever.

Nowadays he's one-half of Grammy nominated duo Run the Jewels with partner El-P. Together they've put out three great albums – with a fourth on the way later this year. Now, he's in his very own Netflix series, "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike."

In the show, Killer Mike tackles some of the most complicated racial and societal issues in America through social experiments. In the series, he tries to unpack subjects like religion, the black economy, education, and gangs.

In one experiment Killer Mike examines the hypocrisy behind celebrating violence and criminal activity. He rationalizes that if a biker gang like Hells Angels can sell merchandise on Amazon and capitalize on America’s fascination with the “bad guys," perhaps a gang like the Crips could do the same. He spends the episode trying to bring a product called "Crip-A-Cola" market. The result is quite funny, and very brilliant, too.

Killer Mike joins us to talk about his new Netflix series. He'll chat about the genesis of Run The Jewels and what it's like to collaborate with El-P. Plus, how he became friends with legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory, and what it was like hitting the road campaigning with Bernie Sanders.

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Killer Mike visits The Daily Habit


Killa Kill aka Mike Bigga visits Jordan over at The Daily Habit for a live performance. And destroys.

"I'm the product of the age of narcotics which means I'm dope like the pills y'all swallow..."

Thanks, The Riverboat Gamblers!


The great indie record store Amoeba, which was outlets in the Bay Area and here in LA, has a video series called "What's In Your Bag?" Various high-cred bands go shopping at Amoeba and talk about why they picked what they pick.

In the episode above, sent to me by listener Paul, the Texas punk band The Riverboat Gamblers discuss their picks - among them Jimmy Cliff and No Age. One of the guys in the band picked out Killer Mike's debut LP, and much to my surprise, he said his inspiration was hearing Mike on his "favorite show," The Sound of Young America!

Thanks, guy from Riverboat Gamblers! That's nice of you!

(PS: I recommend Mike's two indie LPs, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind volumes 1 & 2, over his debut, which has some great tracks but is a bit hit-and-miss.)

The Alumni Newsletter: January 14, 2011

  • Samantha Bee ramps up to live a cynicism-free life with the help of the OWN network.

  • Rapper Killer Mike, aka Mike Bigga, has released a new track from PL3DGE, his newest album due in February. He's also collaborating with El-P on an album -- you can find a snippet here.

  • Gary Hustwit, director of the consumer design documentary Objectified, has launched the website for his newest documentary Urbanized, blogging his thoughts and the progress of the film. Urbanized will explore who designs our cities and is responsible for urban design, and how they do it.

  • Electronic musician Dan Deacon is set to score Francis Ford Coppola's newest film, a gothic romance titled Twixt Now and Sunrise, out later this year.

  • Ze Frank is soliciting photos of people recreating pictures of their parents for his new project, Like Mom, Like Dad.
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