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Minority Korner 45: Minority Korner is Waiting... For a New National Anthem (Chicano Moratorium, LGBT & The Church, Colin Kaepernick, Britney Spears, and The VMAs)

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James and Nnekay are hot and bothered about Britney's new album, Glory- She is also BACK with her performance at the VMA... which G-Money (whoever that is) tried to lay a big ole smooch on her face. Not to mention she had to go after BEYONCE who SHUT IT DOWN... but was it better than her concert? Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers is facing an unusual amount of grief by flexing his freedom of speech. Cause Nnekay and James to wonder... maybe it's time to pick or creaaaaaate a new national anthem.

Nnekay's topic for the day is the largest anti-war protest held by American Minorities: the Chicano Moratorium- which protested the Vietnam war as well as the ridiculously large amount of Mexican American soldier death. James is talking about the Church and it's priest who are spreading hate against the LGBT community and are closeted themselves. As well as illegally spending the money of church goers for their own gain.

Some things included in Quizlet Korner this week are: Dildos, Olympics, and Bath Houses... Think Nnekay can get at least one right this time?

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