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Pop Rocket Episode 140: Remembering 9/11 with Louis Virtel

Pop Rocket
Louis Virtel
Wynter Mitchell
Alonso Duralde
Karen Tongson

This week on Pop Rocket, comedian, writer and performer Louis Virtel sits in for Guy while he is away. Louis and the gang discuss 9/11 and the immediate and long term impacts it had on pop culture. Have we yet to chronicle 9/11 in a meaningful way? How has new consumption changed since 2001?

Plus, Wynter discusses the new season of American Horror Story, Karen is rewatching The L-Word, Louis can't stop watching British game shows, and Alonso wants to let us all know that Episodes is still on and still pretty great.

With Louis Virtel, Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson and Alonso Duralde.

That’s My Jam:

Alonso Duralde - Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Too Late for Us Now
Karen Tongson - Earth, Wind and Fire - In The Stone
Wynter Mitchell- 24hrs - What You Like
Louis Virtel - Fergie - You Already Know

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